"You can't kill hate, you can only love it to death."


Our Current Workshop - Our world is in a mess, but with our voices we can change it.

Dance, Drama & Film .....Builds a bridge between the joyful creativity of the arts
And those deprived of their hopes and dreams



“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.“
Maya Angelou

Valkyrie Theatre’s STORY & SONG Program utilizes the theatrical production of Lane Bradbury’s one woman show: “Let Me Entertain You, Again” as a professional example and process to help at risk children voice a story and song about their own life.

Each child in the program will write a story & sing or dance a song of their choice to help express a personal experience from their young life. The compilation of these stories & songs will then be rehearsed and performed for family and friends.

The experience is meant to nurture and guide the children to give voice to an untold story inside of them, teaching them how to express themselves through the arts as an means towards inner hope and discover.

The program will be taught over the course of 8 weeks:

- Class exercises will be taught to bring out a child’s healthy connection to their imagination.
- Their homework will be to think of a story from their life.

- During class each child will tell their story, get feedback and direction from the instructor, and then write it down.
- Their homework will be to memorize it.


- During class each child will share their memorized story and the instructors will coach them.
- Their homework will then be to find a song that speaks to them personally.

- During class each child will play their song of choice. The teacher will find out of the child wants to sing or dance to the song.
- Then they will break up into groups and do vocal exercises for singers and dance exercises for dancers.
- Their homework will be to memorize their song or create their dance.

- Each child will practice doing their story and song in front of the class.

At the end of the program, the children will get to PERFORM their story and song in front of family and friends. Lane Bradbury’s one woman show will be Act One of the performance, and the children’s Stories & Songs will be Act Two.


Valkyrie Theatre of Dance, Drama, and Film is looking to partner with the Lee Strasberg Institute to potentially 1) host a fundraiser to launch the program 2) host the program’s performances and 3) be an outlet for the children who discover a true gift or love of acting to learn and grow at the Institute.

The Lee Strasberg Institute would be thanked and featured in the program for the fundraiser, Story & Song Performances, and as well as in the program for Lane Bradbury’s “Let Me Entertain You Again”. Lee Strasberg is also highlighted in Lane’s show, so the entire evening and program will be a beautiful celebration of his contribution to the art of acting.



Our Past Workshops

Workshop at Learning Works, Pasadena - 2011

Workshop at Alkebu-lan Cultural Center - 2008

Workshop at Pasadena Boys & Girls Club- 2008

The students continued to worked on two dance/dramas "What Is Courage?" and " Ralph - One Night of Choices." These dance/dramas explored the themes of; the courage it takes to say no when your peers are saying yes, and the choices we make and live or die with. The participants developed their own dance/dramas to exploring what they had to say to the world. They rehearsed these pieces and perform them on film and before an audience. The teens were able to examine openly their personal situations and find answers that guide them to more positive future life choices.

The first hour was dance, the second hour was rehearsal of dance/drama group pieces, and the third hour was developing, and rehearsing individual dance/dramas. (required for the students dramatizing their own stories)

We met three days a week, two to three hours a day.

Workshop at The Worker's Place- 2003-2007

The Valkyrie Theater of Dance, Drama & Film, a performance group, is made of Multi Religion, Ethnic, and Cultural teenagers between the ages of 11 and 17. They are worked on two dance/dramas "What Is Courage?" and " Ralph - One Night of Choices." In order to teach accountability, each student will signed a contract where they agree to participate in all classes and rehearsals, dress rehearsal and performance. At the end of the performance each student was given $5.00 for each class they attended, if they were on time, and they fully participated. We met Mondays &Wednesdays from 4:00 PM ­7:00pm

Filming Workshops Associated with Almost Forgotten

January thru March 2003

Filming of Dance "Almost Forgotten", Hands on involment

Filming of Horse "Almost Forgotten", Hands on involment The participamnts had chance once again to direct two riders on the two Friesian horses that would be in the film Almost Forgotten. With the help of teachers they set up the shots they wanted and directed the riders in what they wanted the horses to do. The excitement they brought to this third workshop was heartwarming to see. Gone were the dead and hostile eyes. At the end of the workshop everyone that wanted to got to ride on one of the Friesians.

Make-up Workshop - Michelle Grant showed the participants all about film make-up as well as regular make-up

Learn About Horses Workshop -With this workshop we wanted the participants to farther their filming experience they had started in the dance studio. We had two beautiful, gentle Friesian horses and two riders for them to film. This time when they came into the stable area their attitude was totally different. It was more like, "Hi! Do you remember me?" After the filming was done we rode the ones who wanted to in the horses. It was such an exciting day.

Costume Workshop - January 5, 2003 - In our Costume Workshop Anna Wyckoff wanted to show how you could be creative and make something beautiful out of very little. At first it was very hard to break through in communicative and shut off state of the participants, but as they started to create trains for themselves the resistance disappeared. It was thrilling to see the creativity of each individual take shape. By the end of the workshop they were open and excited. Music was put on and they each paraded their trains for the camera so their creativity could be recorded for the documentary.

Directing & Camera Workshop - Hands on Filming Dancers

Direction & Camera Workshop - Hands on Filming Horses

Acting Workshop with Ellen Gerstein




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