"You can't kill hate, you can only love it to death."


About Us

The first performance of "Valkyrie Theater's" teenagers and their professional mentors is now behind us. It was "in the studio" and small, an amazing experience watching the self-made walls of protection and imprisonment drop away from students under the magic of the stage lights. I hope as we grow we can retain the heart and soul of this first production.

Jack Cochran, our documentarion captured it all on video. What he wasn't able to capture was, himself and his crew, his two daughters, Fiona and Tibby. Fiona did the lightening for "Reality" and "Earth Angels" and Tibby ran the spotlight from a very high ladder at the rear of the studio.

Would you like to sponsor a child ($180.00) or "the body, mind or spirit" of a child? ($60.00) It would be wonderful for each child to know a personal someone or ones who care about their future.
Your past and future support is making all this happen. Thank you.


Our talented and committed staff that facilitate this demanding undertaking are as follows:

Janette Lane Bradbury

Clara Duda

Elkin Antoniou

Teacher, Choreographer, Artistic Director

Teacher, Brain Gym

Producer / Director of "Let Me Entertain You, Again"









Vice President



Honoray Board Members:

Dr. Patricia Ebert, Mr. & Mrs. Ron Rifkin, Ms. Jaclyn Smith, Mrs. Dennis Weaver

Our adviser is lawyer, Ed Hoffman.

We would like to avoid the turning of at risk teenagers into gang members because they have no dreams or hope of making anything of their lives. We want to build self­esteem so they can care for themselves and make a contribution to society. For me, Janette Lane Bradbury, dancing, acting and horses have brought such beauty and healing into my life. The arts are one of the answers to those whose lives have been broken in some way.

Our government has cut funding to bring the arts to the ones who cannot afford them in any other way. At Risk Teenagers who have lost hope and are dealing with lack of physical as well as emotional needs end up in a life of crime or in gangs. Dance, Drama and Film give them beauty and creativity. We want to open visors of possibility for our participants. We want to give hope that lives can change and be productive and creative no matter what the past has been or the the present is.

The ethnicity that we work with is African/ American, Mexican/ American, Japanese/American, and Caucasian. A documentary, We Are The World, is being shot of all the workshops so the participants can follow their progress and actually be a part of the process.

We are applying for grants and profits from the Films, Almost Forgotten, Night Wind and the documentary, From the Midst of Pain will go back into Valkyrie Theater to support our workshops and next projects.




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